workshop on Building Sustainable Tourism Platforms and Heritage City in Battambang province

Battambang City Is One out of Three Targets Which Plans to Bring Its City to be Included into The World Heritage List of UNESCO.

To raise awareness about protection, heritage preservation, culture and nature, as well as the benefits and value of sustainable development mechanism effectiveness, and to provide the main inputs in building tourism policies and heritage city, as well as providing truly willingness in participating and protecting heritage properties, the Department of Research and Tourism Policies had organized a workshop on Building Sustainable Tourism Platforms and Heritage City in Battambang province.

This is the second province after the Kampot province out of the three target provinces which schedules to take its city to be inscribed into the world heritage list, in which there are Battambang, Kampot and Kratie province, this according to expression of H.E. Koeut Puthvory, Director of National Institute of Tourism, and highly representative of H.E. Dr Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, stated on the occasion of opening ceremony of workshop on “Building Sustainable Tourism Plaftforms and Battambang City”, at the president hotel, presided over by H.E. Hoeurng Sokun, Deputy Governor of Battambang, and as representative of H.E. Nguon Ratanak, Governor of Battambang province, in the morning of 01 November 2018. He said, adding that the Battambang city is one out of the three cities of the Kingdom of Cambodia, which UNESCO to Cambodia incorporated with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has been studying and has intention to put into the world heritage list. It is the new signal for the tourism development platforms to have more attractiveness, and raise awareness about putting Battambang city into the world heritage list. H.E. Hoeurng Sokun expects that the workshop will receive the sharing knowledge and new context of experiences with trainees in providing views in the contribution to promote Battambang city to be a heritage city, and to be a city with sustainable development. Please remind that Battanbang province enjoys 43 places totally tourist destinations and tourism potential areas; for instance, 5 historical and cultural resorts, 14 natural resorts, 1 cycling natural resort, 2 agro-tourism resorts, 1 ecotourism resort, 2 cultural resorts, and other 17 tourist destinations. H.E. Koeut Puthvory called for and requested for the authorities, related departments and the residents in targeted provinces, especially Battambang province have to cooperate together in protecting, preserving the all heritage buildings existed in their respective provinces to have long live.

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