H.E. Minister Thong Khon Declares to Appoint Mr. Choub Ratana to be as New Head of Tourism Department of Kratie Province, and Instructs to Improve Tourism Development in Province

H.E. Minister Thong Khon Declares to Appoint Mr. Choub Ratana to be as New Head of Tourism Department of Kratie Province, and Instructs to Improve Tourism Development in Province

(Kratie): On February 18, 2019, His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism along with H.E Nou Phoeurng, Chairman of the Council of Kratie and H.E Va Thoun, Governor of Kratie province, presided over in the announcement ceremony of Mr. Choub Ratana to be as new head of tourism department of Kratie province with the participation from leaderships and officials of the Ministry of Tourism, provincial councils, board of governors, competence authorities, departments and institutions concerned, private sector and students which are in total over 300. Following reading the reports on the Results of the 2018 Performance and Continued Implementation Targets of Provincial Tourism Department, reading appointment letter, handing over appointment letter and Seal to the new director of tourism department, commitment of new director of tourism department and the remarks of H.E provincial governor, H.E Thong Khon raised about the evolutionary situation of the progress of the global, regional and Cambodia tourism sector, and highlighted the significant of tourism field in the contribution to national economic development, jobs creation, income generation, and poverty alleviation of the people. H.E Minister also cited about the prosperity in Kratie province which the royal government plans to manage this province to be Secondary Destination and also Heritage City. He also cited about the important of Mekong Dolphins, solitude of Cambodia and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) granted assistants via Dolphins Conservation and Development Project, namely Mekong Discovery Trial, and made the world clearly knows the Mekong Dolphins of Cambodia. H.E Minister also cited of a slogan “Have Dolphins, Have tourists; No Dolphin, No tourists”; so we must join all together in keeping, conserving, and developing a greater and sustainable Dolphin Irrawaddy areas (at present, Dolphins give many further babies). Furthermore, Kratie province is also of many tourism products (such as Krolan, Grapefruit…act), many tourism areas and tourism communities have been paid attention to improving and enhancing quality of products and services in accordance with standards. In the above appointment announcement ceremony, H.E Minister said that the position transformation of director of Kratie provincial tourism department this time is to increase work efficiency and to continue leading, managing and developing Kratie tourism sector to be quality, effectiveness, and sustainability. In order to pursuit work sustainability, as well as to increase work efficiency and enhance tourism development in Kratie province, H.E Thong Khon instructed new tourism department director and civil servants under span of control to pay attention to the implementation of the main works; such as:
1. Prepare to have Kratie Tourism Strategic Plan in response to National, Regional and Global Tourism Strategic Plan;
2. Improve quality of products and tourism service in the province;
3. Create new tourism products (improve existing products and create new);
4. Make effort in developing Kratie province to be as Secondary Destination and Heritage City;
5. Create new tourism events; such as tourism activities on beach, sport on beach and on water…etc.;
6. Strengthen clean city competitive movement by having to improve tourism information booths, public toilets, beauty, and sanitation, environment with clean and green. Try to grab 3 Romdul flowers and award of ASEAN Clean Tourism City in 2030;
7. Have to improve quality and boat services and tourism boats to be better by having to assign officials to fill lacked positions and use accurately contract staffs;
8. Have to view and revise organizing structures and manage accurately officials;
9. Have to have solidarity and internal unity in the department;
10. Have to respect the management of provincial governor, board of governors, provincial councils, management in skill of the Ministry of Tourism , need to have good cooperation with officials, institutions and authorities concerned in the province and private sector in tourism industry (by considering province as father and the Ministry of Tourism as mother). At the same day, H.E Minister and H.E provincial governor went to inspect tourism resort of Dolphin Prek Kam Pi and tourism community Koh Trong, and H.E Minister also instructed the new director of tourism department to pay attention to prepare and renovate a better infrastructures based on standards (tourism information booth, car parks, food stores, shops, toilets, tourism boats, and other serving services). H.E Minister also went to view the professional training center Le Tonle in Kratie province teaching tourism skills in chef, housekeeping, front office, and foods and beverage. Should be noted that in 2018, Kratie province received total tourists of 349, 186 (increased by 15, 22%, if compared to the same period in 2017), in which national tourists of 323. 196 and international tourists of 25. 990, in which mostly are French tourists.

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