Philippine to Link the First Manila – Phnom Penh Direct Flight in the early of April

(Phnom Penh): The Philippine Airline will link the first – ever Manila – Phnom Penh direct flight in the early of April in 2019, which this Cambodia is also expected to receive the further tourist growth throughout this direct flight. Before starting operation, the delegations of Philippine Airline, led by Mr. Jaime J. Bautista, company director, met to discuss works with H.E Thong Khon, Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, at the office of the Ministry of Tourism, on 05 March 2019. Following the meeting was finished, Mr. Top Sopheak, Undersecretary of state and spokesman of the Ministry of Tourism, told the reporters that the objective of this meeting with Minister and leaderships of the Ministry of Tourism this time was the delegations of

Philippine Airline wanted to inform that their companies will start direct flying from Manila to the Capital of Phnom Penh. He said by anticipation, the Philippine Airline will operate direct flight in the early of April 2019. The Undersecretary continued that this direct flight takes only 2 hours. The Ministry of Tourism is optimistic about throughout the direct flight connectivity will help in promoting the Philippine tourist growth and the third countries to come to more Cambodia; while currently, the Philippine tourists visited Cambodia in 2018 accounted for 90, 000. Mr. Top Sopheak said that in reference to the words of H.E Thong Khon, the Manila – Phnom Penh direct flight connectivity is the first – ever history of Cambodia, because since 1970, Cambodia had no any direct flight from Phnom Penh to Manila; but due to Cambodia currently enjoys fully peace, stability, and development, so that the Philippine Airline as well as other foreign aviation companies strengthened direct flight. On the other hand, the factors that promoted to have direct flight are from the current tourist trend – them are satisfied with direct flight, convenience, and the less time use to reach the goal. Please inform that today an aviation company of the Philippine also operated direct flight from Cebu city (a city on the Cebu Island of the Philippine) to Siem Reap by within a week, there are 4 flights.

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