Minister of Tourism rolled out the 4 recommendations to develop Cambodian tourism sector

Minister of Tourism rolled out the 4 recommendations to develop Cambodian tourism sector

(Phnom Penh): On 02 – 03 April 2019, the Ministry of Tourism hold internal meeting to review tourism work performance 2018, first quarter 2019, and set direction for continuing implementation in second quarter and second semester 2019, attended by leaderships, officials of the Ministry of Tourism, and heads of the 25 capital/provincial tourism departments totally of over 200. The meeting was focused on outcomes of work implementation, facing challenges, weakness, and continuing direction of general departments, departments, and institutions under control of the ministry (presented by director generals, heads of departments, and further views of leaders in charge).

The meeting noted the progress of Cambodian tourism sector within the last decade, by 2018 Cambodia received about 6, 2 million international tourists, in growth of 11, 7%, bringing national income of US 4.356 million, contributed to 12% of gross domestic product (GDP), and created about 620, 000 direct employments. Obviously, during 2 months early of 2019, international tourists visited Cambodia are of 1, 2 million in growth of 9, 3%. The meeting is satisfied with achievements the Ministry of Tourism accomplished during the last period by having been made the main legal documents; such as National Platform of Ecotourism, Sub degree on determination of special tourism zones that the royal government just newly adapted. Furthermore, the ministry put out Food Street Standard and Street Food Classification System, which is another new indicator in the clean city standard and clean city competitive movement: city with clean food street annually. The meeting viewed the changing trend of the tourism situations in the world, regions, and in Cambodia which we all together are to pay attention to study and analyze seriously and in-deep tourist market and improve a wider Cambodian tourism advertisement to keep tourist growth in 2 numbers annually and to accomplish vision of international growth of about 7 million in 2020, and about 11 million in 2025, and about 15 million in 2030. The meeting set specific strategic goals that the sixth mandate is a mandate of improving tourism quality and increasing work efficiency forwards to make all products and tourism services are qualified; to make all tourism resorts, tourism communities have the change; to get rid of fake souvenirs to tourists; to reduce the leak (by promoting the qualified domestic product usage instead of importation); to make tourism sector becomes the qualified on the site exportation, and make tourism sector is maximize benefited to the people and the local communities. The meeting viewed about challenges and some remaining points in tourism field (including the human resources are limited, the new tourism product development are limited, the tourism service quality is limited, the advertisements are limited, cooperation and private sector’s and tour operators’ participation in tourism industry are limited, the strengthening law implementation on tourism to business owners and tourism service are limited, the leak of tourism sector, security factor, tourist safety, and tourist facilitation and tourist transportation are facing some matters, the building legal entity, legal documents, platforms, strategic plan, and necessary measures are not respond in timely manner to tendency and development situation of the present tourism sector and in the future. Following discussion and opinions provision and to view and address any facing challenge that is occurring in the tourism sector, the meeting agreed to put out strategic plan and the main work implementing directions for second quarter and second semester 2019, as following:
1. Create the creative and innovative new tourism products at the 4 prioritized tourist destinations, throughout investment attraction on tourism field and implementation of 4ps;
2. Improve quality of products and tourism service based on the concept of “One Service, One Standard, and human resource development, based on One staff, One Skill”;
3. Strengthen advertisement on Cambodian tourism both in national and abroad;
4. Improve tourism management via online (Smart Tourism);
Should be noted that the Ministry of Tourism is planned to hold the main conventions from 2019 – 2022:
– The Gastronomy Tourism in conjunction with domestic tourist exhibition;
– Hold annually Cambodia Travel Mart –CTM,
– The Sea Festival 2019 in Kampot province;
– International level – boat racing for coastal areas in early of 2020;
– ASEAN Tourism Forum 2021 in January 2021, in the Capital of Phnom Penh;
– International Conference on Global Civilization and Historical Tour Package in November 2021, in Siem Reap province;
– The General Assembly on the World 18th Most Beautiful Bay Club in 2022, in Koh Kong province;
Finally, H.E Minister also advised the directors of tourism departments to try to implement the effectively directive No. 003 សរណន, dated on 20 March 2019 of the Ministry of Tourism on improving tourism products on the occasion of Khmer New Year Day to come on 14, 15, 16 April 2019, especially during this Khmer New Year, need to cooperate with Ministry of Cult and Religion and local authorities to organize the sample tourism pagodas and street foods.

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